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Credit and Money Services.

ITPEU Members receive privileged financial services including union credit cards, member loan programs, tax assistance and credit counseling. ITPEU Members and member families are also eligible to apply for Student Scholarships offered annually by both the ITPEU Annual Benefit Fund and the ITPEU Health & Welfare Fund.

Click Here to view a 5-page PDF brochure listing Union Plus Benefits for ITPEU Union Members. 

Through our Union Plus program, ITPEU Members also qualify for these important benefits

• Credit Card • Mortgage
• Prepaid Card • Credit & Budget Counseling
• Credit Clinic • Union SAFE Grants
• Financial Hardship Assistance • Union-Made Checks
• Credit Counseling • Union Plus Credit Clinic
• Union "Credit Doctor" • Union SAFE Grants
• Save Your Home Mortgage Assistance • Retirement Planning Center 


Contact Us

14 Chatham Center South, Unit B
Savannah, GA 31405 

Ph (912) 349-1154
Fax: (912) 777-5912

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