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Discounts on Union Made Products

ITPEU members receive special discounts on Union Made, USA Made products.

AT&T Wireless Discount

Save 15% on service from AT&T Wireless, the only national wireless provider that can, and does, proclaim that it is "Proud to Be Union."

ConsumerReports.org Savings

ConsumerReports.org is published by Consumers Union, which is union organized, with testers and writers represented by the Communications Workers of America (CWA). The Union Plus ConsumerReports.org 25% discount stands for credibility and consumer empowerment.

Union-Made Clothing

Use your union-member-only 5% discount to purchase these fine-quality union-made clothes, including jeans, T-shirts, denim shirts, twill shirts and more.

Goodyear Discounts

Find union-made Goodyear tires made by United Steelworkers of America (USW) and the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) and save 5-10% on car service and tires. Plus union members pay less for oil, lube and filter services with Union Plus Goodyear Discounts.

Union Contractors Can Tune Up your A/C and Heating Systems

Members of the Sheet Metal Workers' International Association (SMWIA) are the experts in servicing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Learn more about what their union contractors offer and get in touch with one of them to your next HVAC tune-up. With the Union Plus Home Energy Grant, receive a $50 rebate when you use a SMWIA contractor for HVAC work identified by an energy audit or if you purchase a yearly service contract.

Auto Buying Service

Receive a $100 rebate from Union Privilege when you purchase a new union-assembled vehicle through the Union Plus Auto Buying Service.

Union-Made Checks

Members can show their union pride with every check written. Union Plus offers special union-printed checks with a pro-union message. Perfect for all your union-related and personal business.

Powell's Bookstore

This unionized online bookstore offers an affordable and wide selection of used and new books.

You'll find these and plenty more Union Made ITPEU Member Benefits at the Union Plus website (for members only):


You can also Click Here to view a 5-page PDF listing of Union Plus Benefits for ITPEU Union Members.


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