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Health & Welfare

Health insurance and health related benefits for you and your family. 

Many ITPEU Members are eligible for important Health & Welfare Benefits, extended to both members and member families, through collective bargaining agreements between the ITPEU and employers. Visit www.ITPEUBenefits.com to learn more about these valuable health benefits for ITPEU members only.

In addition, our Union Plus program provides many other important Health Benefits to members including:

• Free Prescription Card • Vision Discounts
• Dental Discounts • Physician & Hospital Discounts
• More Health Savings • Hospital Care Grant
• Health Club Discounts • Consumer Reports Health
• Bill Negotiating Service • Healthy Lifestyle Tips
• Quit Smoking • Medicine & Drug Safety
• How to Live Healthy • Best Buy Drugs
• Insurance • Life Insurance
• Retiree Health Insurance • Accidental Death Insurance
• Pet Insurance • And More....


Learn more about Union Plus benefits for Members Only at www.unionplus.org

You can also Click Here to view a 5-page PDF listing of Union Plus Benefits for ITPEU Members.


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