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Home and Family Services

ITPEU Members receive benefits for their family including education loans, scholarships and legal services.

Educational Scholarships are provided by the ITPEU Annual Benefit Fund and the ITPEU Health & Welfare Fund.
Health insurance, prescription medicine and wellness care benefits are available to ITPEU Union Members through the ITPEU Health & Welfare Plan.

ITPEU Members also enjoy these important benefits through our Members Only Union Plus program:

• College Planning Center • College Test Prep Discounts
• College Savings Grants • Scholarships
• Education Rebates • Education Financing
• Student Credit & Debt Tips • Student Discounts
• Legal Assistance • Finding a Lawyer
• Wills & Estates • Legal Tips
• Best Buy Drugs • Union Plus Scholarship
• National Labor College Scholarship • Consumer Education
• Credit Education • Avoiding Identity Theft
• Consumer Reports Online • Consumer Reports Health


You can also Click Here to view a 5-page PDF listing of Union Plus Benefits for ITPEU Union Members. 


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